Spice UP your salad

I’ve been saying I was going to “start” my food blog for a month now…so after being on vacation (in Las Vegas!!) for the past 5 days, I set a goal to start it immediately upon my return.  After doing nothing but eat out for the last week, I am SO excited to get back to cooking.  Since it’s back to the corporate america grind tomorrow, I thought I’d share a staple food item I make once a week (at least), as part of my daily lunch (aka my hour of sanity!).

Roasted Goodies (Vegetables)
1)Line cookie sheet with tin-foil and spray with butter or canola-oil spray.2) Wash and cut vegetables of choice (broccoli, asparagus, and squash are a favorite of mine!)3) Spread evenly on the cookie sheet, and mist with butter or canola-oil spray.

4) Then mist vegetables with olive oil – a yummy “healthy” fat.

5) Coat with salt and pepper evenly.

6) Roast at 425 degrees for about 12 minutes, then remove from oven, flip vegetables, and roast for another 12-15 minutes until they’ve reached your roasted desire!

***caution***These are so good, they require tasting between each step…hence the empty spaces on the cookie sheet above 🙂

These roasted vegetables are great salad toppers for my work lunches, as well as perfect sides for any meal.  I like to prepare these on Sunday’s because I simply pop them in a tupperware container and they’re all prepared for multiple uses throughout the week. To me, these are a money saver, because instead of buying toppings for my salad at work each day, I go prepared with my toppings, which I know are nutritious, full of fiber, and fill me up without slowing me down.

Here’s a glimpse at what I add the roasted goodies to:



1 Response to “Spice UP your salad”

  1. 1 Monique February 12, 2010 at 10:35 pm

    Bahhh!! you are too freaking cute! i LOVE your first post:) can’t wait to make those!! XOXO

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